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Macular Hole Surgery

In this video, we review the steps to surgical repair of a macular hole. The macula is the central portion of the retina, and is important for any visual task involving fine detail, such as reading or driving. Occasionally the gel that fills the central portion of the eye tugs on the macula and leaves behind a small hole called a macular hole. The hole's location causes distortion and blurry vision that will only be corrected if the hole is closed.

Retinal Detachment Repair

Separation of the retina from the wall of the eye (retinal detachment) is a blinding condition if left untreated. The video shows repair of a retinal detachment using vitrectomy surgery, one of several techniques for re-attaching the retina.

Diabetic Vitrectomy

Surgery is sometimes necessary in diabetic patients who have severe damage to the tiny blood vessels in the retina. This video shows surgery to remove blood and scar tissue in the eye of a diabetic patient, as well as laser treatment to prevent recurrence. As with all treatments in diabetic patients, good blood-sugar control greatly increases the likelihood of long-term success.